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Ask your MEPs to stop online tracking

The European Union is about to change the rules protecting our privacy. It is crucial for action to be taken this week. Inform your representatives of the 3 things you find important in the "e-Privacy regulation"

1. Get rid of cookie-walls

When you browse the internet you often have to consent to being tracked. If you don't accept cookies for that purpose, you're denied access to websites. This is wrong. Citizens should have the right to use the internet without being tracked across websites.

2. Make privacy the default

Privacy-enhancing settings in browsers and apps should be on by default.

3. Don't allow loopholes

Websites can collect data for web analytics without asking for consent. The proposal currently contains a loophole that would allow third parties to make use of this exception. Members of Parliament should push for more specific language in order to get rid of this loophole.

What you can do to help?
  1. Tweet at (or otherwise get into touch with) your representatives that are part of the LIBE committee. The Committee's decision is crucial and we need to make sure the MEPs keep citizen's interest in mind when making the decision. Find your MEPs' names, country and Twitter handle here.

  2. Share this! On Twitter use the hashtags #ePrivacy and #LookWhosStalking

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