We organize meetings to offer a platform for questions, opinions and debates. All events are free of charge and in English.

No prior knowledge around the topic of internet privacy/security is needed to attend.

2nd of April 2017 - Breaking Communication Barriers in Bristol, United Kingdom - Organised together with ORG Bristol, we focused on strengthening communication between digital rights activists and uninformed publics.

9th of April 2017 - Surveillance mechanisms: Onania vs Digital Privacy in Copenhagen, Denmark - Broadcasting and follow up debate based on Charleyne Biondi’s talk at 33C3

18th of April 2017 - Democracy under Surveillance in Copenhagen, Denmark - Live stream of a debate between Edwards Snowden and Lawrence B. Wilkerson retired United States Army Colonel.

21st of May 2017 - Surveillance Capitalism in Copenhagen, Denmark - Broadcasting and follow up debate based on Wolfie Christl’s report presentation.

25th of August 2017 - GDPR Multistakeholder Panel Debate as part of Bornhack Festival on the island of Bornholm, Denmark - Panel formed of advocacy group representatives, journalists, academia, private and public sector discussing User Privacy and GDPR.

7th of December 2017 - Danish Media meets the Link Tax in Copenhagen, Denmark - EU Parliament broadcasting and discussion.

17th of January 2018 - The end of MEME and the Attack on Fundamental Rights in Copenhagen, Denmark - Informative meeting on Article 13 from the proposal on a EU Copyright Reform

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